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Downloads für das Kameramodell IN-6001 HD

Vollständige Software-CD

Die neue Software-CD führt Sie schnell durch den Installationsprozess Ihrer neuen INSTAR-Kamera. Diese neue Version der Software-CD basiert auf HTML und kann auf jedem PC oder MAC verwendet werden. Wenn Sie Empfehlungen zur Verbesserung der CD haben, können Sie uns diese gerne mitteilen.

CD Inhalt:

● Suchwerkzeug für alle Betriebssysteme (zum auffinden der IP Adressen

Ihrer Kameras in Ihrem Netzwerk)

● Link zu Software-Updates und Hilfethemen

● Neues Design (optimiert für Windows, MacOS und Linux)

Alles, was Sie für die Installation Ihrer Kamera wissen müssen

Für die Ersteinrichtung können Sie die Schnellinstallationsanleitung herunterladen. Sie führt Sie durch alle grundlegenden Einstellungen, die zum Anschluss Ihrer Kamera an Ihr Netzwerk erforderlich sind. Für weitere Informationen über Ihre Kamera und ihre einzigartigen Funktionen können Sie das vollständige Benutzerhandbuch einsehen.

Inhalt der Installationsanleitung:

  • Sicherheitshinweise
  • Produktfeature
  • Installation
  • Inbetriebnahme
  • Das Web-Interface
  • Werksreset
  • Linseneinstellung
  • Android und iPhone App
  • Windows-Software
  • Video-Streaming
  • Technische Daten
  • Garantie & Entsorgung
  • FAQ Fragen & Antworten

INSTAR Kamera Tool für Windows, MacOS und Linux

Mit dem INSTAR Search Tool können Sie nach Ihrer Kamera in Ihrem Netzwerk suchen. Dieses Tool scannt alle IPs, um alle unsere IP-Kameras zu finden, die entweder mit Ihrem Router, Switch oder Computer verbunden sind. Sie können das INSTAR Camera Tool auch für ein Update auf die neueste Firmware oder WebUI verwenden. Datum 10.05.2022.


(Version 2.1.0)


(Version 2.1)


(Version 1.0)

Kamera Software Downloads

1. Laden Sie die neueste Firmware und WebUI für Ihre INSTAR HD Kamera herunter und entpacken Sie die heruntergeladene ZIP-Datei. Nach dem Entpacken finden Sie eine Datei "update.pkg".

2. Bitte öffnen Sie die Weboberfläche Ihrer Kamera, gehen Sie zu "Software - Upgrade" und wählen Sie die Datei "update.pkg" aus, um sie auf Ihre Kamera zu laden.

3. Klicken Sie auf "Submit" und warten Sie, bis die Aktualisierung abgeschlossen ist (ca. 12 Minuten).



(Read me...PLEASE)

Über diese Firmware

Neue Funktionen in Version 1.22 (756): aa
  1. ● Alarm recordings up to 45 seconds
  2. ● Touch support for drawing alarm areas
  3. ● The alarm area will be specified in the log when using linked alarm
  4. ● PUSH test button added. Push must be activated and QR code must be scanned
  5. prior to using the test button
  6. ● WiFi and network settings can now be exempted from the factory reset
  7. ● An alarm event can be triggered by the following CGI command - /param.cgi?
  8. cmd=pushhostalarm
  9. ● When using DHCP, camera will claim an unique DHCP hostname
  10. ● Built-in recovery functionalities to restore cameras with a failed update. Downgrades
  11. will be limited to this exact version
  12. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
Wichtiger Hinweis zum Update FW, WebUI 1.19: aa

Die Firmware speichert nun alle Einstellungen vor dem Update und stellt sie nach dem Update wieder her. Bitte beachten Sie, dass das Update deshalb bis zu 8 Minuten dauern kann. In der Regel ist das Update jedoch nach 3-5 Minuten abgeschlossen. Ziehen Sie während des Updates niemals den Netzstecker. die Kamera benötigt während des Update-Vorgangs eine gewisse Zeit, um die alten Einstellungen wiederherzustellen.

Ältere Changelogs anzeigen: aa
What is new in version 1.20 ?
  1. ● Simple 1-Click update method
  2. ● Offline update with traditional PKG file is optionally available
  3. ● Alarm areas can be activated at preconfigured times
  4. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.19 ?
  1. ● Fixed a problem with P2P
  2. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.17 ?
  1. ● Fixed problem during automatic summer / winter changeover
  2. ● Fixed problem with which the alarm sound could not be deactivated for IN-6014HD
  3. ● New validation integrated for input fields
  4. ● Security gap closed
  5. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.16 ?
  1. ● Problem fixed with P2P connection
  2. ● Enhancements for the P2P connection speed
  3. ● The INSTAR Cloud Recording platform is now available, for more information see:
  5. ● User defined NTP time server is now possible
  6. ● Problem solved with FTP upload
  7. ● Problem solved with authentification when using MJPEG stream or snap.jpg
  8. ● Problem solved that the camera will not restart after changing a port
  9. ● Special character problem solved for Wifi, DDNS, FTP and Cloud passwords
  10. ● Language Strings have been adjusted
  11. ● Problem solved with cloud activation
  12. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.13 ?
  1. ● The INSTAR Cloud Recording platform is now available, for more information see:
  3. ● LAN and Wifi Mac address will now be both shown under "System - Info" (if your
  4. camera model has Wifi)
  5. ● The preselection for GMX as the SMTP server was adjusted from to
  6. ● to prevent problems with the Telekom Speedport Router
  7. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.12 ?
  1. ● Alarm Server
  2. ● Scheduled daily reboot
  3. ● Email SMTP without authentication
  4. ● Introducing new Wizard
  5. ● User & Guest Accounts can be disabled
  6. ● Syslog translations
  7. ● Fixed issue with deleting camera name completely
  8. ● H264 videos support for all ports in user and guest view
  9. ● Fixed issue with certain email providers (e.g. GMX,, Gmail, AOL)
  10. ● Fixed issue where alarm input, audio alarm and motion detection did not work if
  11. activated at the same time
  12. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
For all Pan and Tilt cameras:
  1. ● Park Position for PTZ models
What is new in version 1.11 ?
  1. ● New h.264 video-stream using the RTMP protocol via the new RTMP Port (see
  2. Network > IP Configuration) which supports Flash Plugin
  3. ● Two different MotionJPEG streams:
  4. 1. MJPEG (Single-Image-Video directly from the camera - NEW and more robust)
  5. 2. JPEG (Single-Image-Video directly from the Web Browser - works with every
  6. HTML Browser)
  7. ● Privacy Mask - You can set up to 4 Areas that are completely 'blacked' out in the live
  8. video
  9. ● Camera Settings are not deleted with an Update
  10. ● H.264 Video Support for Linux via Flash (e.g. with Chromium)
  11. ● Manual SD Card Recording via the Web Interface
  12. ● Two different FTP folder modes:
  13. 1. All Files in one directory
  14. 2. Create a new folder every day
  15. ● You can manually open (grey) and close (red) the alarm output relay using the web
  16. user interface (not available for IN-6001HD and IN-6014HD)
  17. ● New and improved Software Updater (only available after this Update)
  18. ● Camera connected to WiFi network can now switch to another WiFi network (a WiFi
  19. test is not possible due to technical reasons)
  20. ● General bugfixes and improvements
For all Pan and Tilt cameras:
  1. ● Tour Feature
  2. ● One-Step Pan and Tilt control
What is new in version 1.10 ?
  1. ● new signed activeX control plugin
  2. ● fixed issue with audio tone activation via multimedia > audio
  3. ● fixed issue with cameras mobileresolution /tmpfs/auto.jpg used for MJPEG in lower
  4. resolution
  5. ● fixed issue with photo series with fixed name (Bug from WebUI 1.9(213)
  6. ● fixed issue with creating QR code
  7. ● fixed issue with missing sub model number for updater
  8. ● fixed issue with web browser caching the web sites (after the update and one first
  9. initial reload of the webUI the code should completely be loaded from the camera)
  10. ● fixed issue with showing wrong language after Reset, after Backup and after Update
  11. ● fixed issue with video for linux machines
  12. ● fixed issue with reloading webUI to new iframe level
  13. ● fixed issue with loading the overlay with slow response time
  14. ● general code improvement which should lead to singificant increase of the loading
  15. speed of the webUI (especially via camera LAN IP)
  16. ● general bugfixes, changes and typos
What is new in version 1.9 ?
  1. ● Push Notifications are now possible with our App InstarVision (iOS and Android)
  2. ● ActiveX Plugin is now also supported for Chrome and Firefox on Windows
  3. ● Scheduled activation and deactivation of the cameras IR LEDs
  4. ● Solving issues with the 1und1 Email Server
  5. ● A new integrated INSTAR Emailserver is now available to sent emails
  6. ● A second Email receiver can now be added
  7. ● PTZ limitations (for cameras with PTZ)
  8. ● If an alarm is caused the camera can now move to a defined position (for cameras
  9. with PTZ)
  10. ● Alarm signal can be played during alarm. The internal speaker or audio output will be
  11. used automatic wifi test
  12. ● language detection through web browser
  13. ● automatic status check of the SD card
  14. ● New NTP Servers
  15. ● Improvements, Bugfixes and TYPOS
What is new in version 1.6 ?
  1. ● Default SMTP settings for 1und1 adjusted
  2. ● Problems with the audio function solved while using P2P
  3. ● Small problem solved when saving alarm actions
What is new in version 1.5 ?
  1. ● Problems with the loss of Gateway is solved (this could have caused the camera be
  2. not reachable anymore or that it doesnt sent any more alarm messages)
  3. ● Extended SMTP settings, predefined standard SMTP servers
  4. ● Refresh function when viewing the LOG file
  5. ● Minor Bug fixes...
What is new in version 1.4 ?
  1. ● Video recording by schedule on SD card
  2. ● Change the number of snapshots (email, FTP, SD)
  3. ● Resolution of snapshots
  4. ● Schedule for photo series
  5. ● Pre-selection of email providers
  6. ● Coupling of alarm input and motion detection (When an alarm triggers e.g. external
  7. motion, and the software of the camera also detects motion within 5 seconds, then
  8. an alarm is generated)
  9. ● Problems with some email providers fixed (GMX, ...)
  10. ● Setup Wizard after reset the camera
  11. ● Fixed GMT + 1 / daylight saving time issues
  12. ● Audio alarm (triggered by noise)
  13. ● Extension to the languages French and Chinese
  14. ● P2P Point to Point connection (supports external access regardless of the Internet
  15. connection via the App InstarVision). Thus, also connections over IPv6, mobile
  16. internet, etc. are possible.
  17. ● Minor bug fixes...

Neueste Firmware und WebUI-Paket

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