IN-PoE 4200 - Gigabit PoE Switch

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4-Port Power over Ethernet Switch
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IN-PoE 4200 - Gigabit PoE Switch
IN-PoE 4200 Gigabit PoE Switch
The IN-PoE 4200 PoE Switch is a Gigabit Switch that can provide 10/100/1000M Ethernet Data and Power over Ethernet cable. As an Ethernet Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), this switch is a very smart and safe equipment for Wireless APs, IP Cameras and IP based network equipment. Full-Duplex Flow-Control ensures fast and steady data transfer. Compared to other PoE switches in the market, the IN-PoE 4200 is designed to automatically detect and identify whether the connected devices such as IP cameras comply with standard IEEE PoE 802.3af / 802.3at and supply power for them accordingly. Important! Our PoE devices transfer power over pin 4 & 5 (+) and 7 & 8 (-). To prevent any possible damages we urge you to check the compatibility of your PoE end-device first.
Easy Plug & Play Setup
It can't be more simple and straight-forward. The installation is quickly done by connecting your PoE devices. An external power adaptor and a power cable is included in this package.
Put an end to power cables
All four Ethernet ports of the IN-PoE 4200 support Power-over-Ethernet. Use PoE for applications that are far from power outlets or when you want to minimize the clutter of extra cables. A simple Cat 5 RJ45 cable can establish a data connection and supply power at the same time. This makes an external power supply obsolete.
Power Supply & Port Priority
Each PoE port has an output of max. 25.5Watt via IEEE802.3af or 30Watt via IEEE802.3at and has a total output of 120W. The Port Priority will protect your devices if the total power consumption of all powered devices are higher than specified. The ports of the IN-PoE 4200 will be sorted by prirority ranking from highest priority (Port 1) to lowest priority (Port 4). The power supply of the lowest priority will be turned off.
Cable- & Connection Diagnosis
Built-in indicators help you to quickly determine damaged cables and shorten devices.
Spare Parts
4m cable with connectors for IN-5907HD and IN-7011HD series


Network Features
Switch Type Unmanaged Switch (Plug &Play)
Supported Network Standards IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at, IEEE802.3x (Full-duplex flow control)
Uplink Auto MDI / MDI-X
Ports 2 Uplink Ports, 4 Ports (PoE support)
PoE Output max. 25.5 Watt (802.3af), max. 30 Watt (802.3at)
Total PoE Output 120 Watt
PoE Output Pins 4 & 5 (+) / 7 & 8 (-)
Transfer Speed 10 / 100 / 1000 M
Swtiching Capacity 16Gbps
Buffer Memory 96Kb
Operation & Measurements
Power supply External 48V DC Power Adaptor
max. Betriebstemperatur -5°C bis 55°C
Maße in cm (H / B / T) 2.7 / 11.8 / 9.5
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