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Protect your camera from the cold and ensure a flawless operation at temperatures below 0 degrees
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Winter is coming... and with it the dangers of a sudden malfunction of your INSTAR IP camera. We've created a simple solution which is not just energy-efficient but also very effective against the freezng cold. With the INSTAR Camera heater for outdoor devices you are going to be perfectly prepared for the winter. The heater has an built-in temperature sensor which allows your camera to operate at temperatures far below 0 degrees. In order to save energy it will turn itself off once the temperature reaches +10° C. The installation of the heater can be easily done by the end customer himself. A detailed installation manual will guide the customer through the simple and quick procedure. Cameras can also be ordered with heaters pre-equipped. Simply put the camera and a suitable heater into your cart. Add the Upgrade Service to our order. A small fee will be charged for the installation.


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modified working temperature -20°C to 55°C
Stromversorgung 12V
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