5m antenna extension cable (SMA)

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This specialized cable enables you to reposition your camera's antenna at various angles and locations, potentially leading to a significant enhancement in the WiFi connection.
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Length: 5m
With this special antenna cable, you can freely adjust the position of your camera's antenna, significantly optimizing WLAN stability and connection while improving signal quality.
This extension cable is designed for cameras with an integrated RP-SMA antenna connection. Please check the compatibility of your camera before adding this product to the cart. You can verify this cable's compatibility with your camera using the product images above and the attached compatibility list. The following camera models are compatible with this antenna cable:

VGA Series: IN-2904, IN-2905 V1, IN-2905 V2, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-4009

HD Series: IN-5907HD, IN-6012HD, IN-6014HD, IN-7011HD

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