Downloads for your IN-4011 Network Camera

    Complete Software CD

    The new software CD quickly guides you through the installation process of your new INSTAR camera. This new version of the software CD is based on HTML and can be shown on any PC or MAC. If you have recommendations to enhance the CD you are welcome to let us know.

    CD Content:

    • Search tool for all operating systems (to find out the cameras IP address in your network)
    • Link to software updates and help topics
    • New design

    optimized for Windows, MacOS and Linux


    Complete- and Quick Installation User Manual

    You can download the Quick Installation Guide for the initial setup. It guides you through all basic settings which are required to connect your camera to your network. For further information about your camera and its unique features you can check the complete user manual.


    Content of the installation manual:

    • Safety Instructions
    • Product Features
    • Installation
    • Start Up
    • The Web Interface
    • Factory Reset
    • Lense adjustment
    • Android and iPhone App
    • Windows Software
    • Video Streaming
    • Technical Data
    • Warranty & Disposal
    • FAQ Questions & Answers


    INSTAR Camera Tool for Windows, MacOS and Linux
    (Windows Version / MacOS Version 1.9 / Linux Version 1.0 / Date 12.03.2020)

    The INSTAR Search Tool allows you to search for your camera inside your network. This tool will scan all IPs in order to find all of our IP cameras which are connected to either your router, switch or computer. You can also use the INSTAR Camera Tool to update to the latest firmware or WebUI.

    INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for Windows
    INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for MacOS
    INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for LINUX (all distributions)






    Latest Firmware (Operating System)

    You always find the newest firmware for your INSTAR Camera here. If you are updating to a newer WebUI please also make sure you download the latest firmware. In some cases the new functions in the WebUI will only be available if the camera runs on the latest firmware. Further information about the upgrade process can be found HERE.

    New Features:

    • Integrated Wifi country selection
    • Audio alarm with noise level adjustment
    • No-IP has been added as 3rd party DDNS provider
    • Advanced motion detection
    • Keep alive feature for FTP connections
    • Improvements for time synchronization
    • New features for web interface
    • Bug fixes

    Newest WebUI for your INSTAR IP Network Camera

    Download Version
    (Stand: 28.07.2015)

    (Read me...PLEASE)

    Important notice!
    After downloading please unpack the zip file. Also please install the latest firmware "before" installing the new web interface.


    Latest WebUI (User Interface)

    You can always download the newest WebUI for your Camera here. Just download the latest Version below and update your camera with the new INSTAR Camera Tool (see above). Please also make sure your camera is using the latest firmware. If you don't know how to update your cameras web interface please check this page for further information.

    New Features:

    • New Menu Network > QR Code --> Simply scan your camera form our free App InstarVision to automatically add the camera. All you need to provide, is the external Port from the port forwarding table, in your router.
    • New Menu Network > Push Service --> Push Feature is now also available for VGA cameras. Simply activate Push Notification on the WebUI and in the free App InstarVision. Via the App you have to scan the QR Code from Network > Push Service, which than sends all necessary information to the Push Server for registration.
    • Fixed Minor Bugs and Typos...
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