Downloads for your IN-6001HD Network Camera

Complete Software CD

The new software CD quickly guides you through the installation process of your new INSTAR camera. This new version of the software CD is based on HTML and can be shown on any PC or MAC. If you have recommendations to enhance the CD you are welcome to let us know.

CD Content:

  • Search tool for all operating systems (to find out the cameras IP address in your network)
  • Link to software updates and help topics
  • New design

optimized for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Complete- and Quick Installation User Manual

You can download the Quick Installation Guide for the initial setup. It guides you through all basic settings which are required to connect your camera to your network. For further information about your camera and its unique features you can check the complete user manual.


Content of the Installation manual:

  • Safety Instructions
  • Product Features
  • Installation
  • Start Up
  • The Web Interface
  • Factory Reset
  • Lense adjustment
  • Android and iPhone App
  • Windows Software
  • Video Streaming
  • Technical Data
  • Warranty & Disposal
  • FAQ Questions & Answers


INSTAR Camera Tool for Windows, MacOS and Linux
(Windows Version / MacOS Version 1.9 / Linux Version 1.0 / Date 12.03.2020)

The INSTAR Search Tool allows you to search for your camera inside your network. This tool will scan all IPs in order to find all of our IP cameras which are connected to either your router, switch or computer. You can also use the INSTAR Camera Tool to update to the latest firmware or WebUI.

INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for Windows
INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for MacOS
INSTAR IP Kamera Tool for LINUX (all distributions)





Newest Firmware & WebUI for your INSTAR IN-6001HD IP Network Camera

Firmware WebUI 1.21 (752)
(Date: 10.09.2019)

(Read me...PLEASE)


Latest Firmware and WebUI Bundle

Download the newest firmware version for your INSTAR HD camera on the left side and unpack the downloaded ZIP file. Once unpacked you will find a "update.pkg" file. Please open the web interface of your camera inside the web browser and go to "Software - Upgrade" and select the "update.pkg" file in order to upload it to your camera. Press submit and wait for about 12 minutes until the update is complete. Below we show you an overview of the new INSTAR Cloud platform which is now available (currently the video is only in German, but the platform itself is also available in English):

New Features in version 1.21 (752):

Important notice for update FW, WebUI 1.19:

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