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1080p Full HD indoor LAN & WiFi security camera with 2-way audio (microphone & speaker), PIR sensor, motion detection, pan & tilt, HTML5 video and web interface, Infrared nightvision, HTTPS, ONVIF and MQTT for smart home integration.
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IN-8015 Full HD Camera

In order to keep everything in sight, the IN-8015 Full HD utilizes a high quality 4.3mm lens to display an image with a 90° viewing angle.


1080p, WDR

IR Night Vision

10x 850nm IR-LEDs

Pan & Tilt

350° Pan 100° Tilt


90º horiz. Viewing Angle

Passive IR Sensor

Heat sensitive motion sensor

Motion Detection

Software based detection

E-Mail Alarm

E-mail Alarm Notification

PUSH Alarm

PUSH Notification to

your mobile device

Alarm Buffer

Alarm videos incl. 3s



Easy smart home

integration via MQTT

Alarm I/O

for external sensors &

output devices

Alarm Sound

Notification sound when

alarm is triggeredt

Modern WebUI

Clean Interface,

Easy Configuration

Free Apps

For access with mobile



Encrypted DDNS-Access,

Email- & FTP-Transfer

User Management

Administrator, User

account, Guest account


Via Noise Detection

Photo Series

Save snapshots to FTP(S)/Email/

SD in a settable time interval

Video Recording

Save alarm videos on

internal SD card

Alarm Schedulet

Scheduled alarm activation

WiFi Connection

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n mit bis

zu 108Mbit

WPS Setup

Easy WiFi Setup via WPS

Onvif Standard

Easy integration through

Onvif 2.4


P2P also supports IPv6 and

DS-Lite Internet connections

Audio In

Built-in Microphone


Built-in speakers &

3,5mm audio jacket

Privacy Mask

Black out areas you don't

want to capture

Alarm Areas

Up to 4 customizable

alarm detection areas

FTP Upload

Upload via ftp to external


SD Memory Card

Supports SDHC up to 128GB

Optional Cloud Integration

Transfer recordings to our

secure Cloud Platform


Wide Dynamic Range

All INSTAR Full HD cameras use the latest Panasonic WDR CMOS sensors. The configurable Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)function prevents over and under image exposure even under the most adverse lighting conditions.

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INSTAR Cameras INSTAR Cameras

Full High Definition Video

The new Full HD Panasonic WDR CMOS sensor give you twice the resolution compared to the sensor used in a 720p HD camera model. An additional 1 million pixel allows you to see even distant objects in full detail.

Comfortable Sense of Security

Avoid false alarms by linking the software based motion detection with the integrated body heat sensor (passive infrared, PIR). This way you only receive alerts when something actually happened.

350° Pan & 100° Tilt

Easily rotate your security camera into different directions. You can save and call preset positions in order to monitor the entire room. This works inside your network and also from remote when you access the camera through the free App InstarVision or the integrated Web Interface.

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  • Two way talk

    The camera is perfectly suited to be used as a baby or pet monitor with it's built-in microphone and loudspeaker. Keep an eye on your loved ones with our free InstarVision smartphone app – when you are at home or when you are on the road.


    Built-in Microphone


    Built-in Loudspeaker

  • Alarm Notification

    The push alarm notification sends a text message to your phone when an alarm was triggered. The message can automatically open your camera's live video. Additionally, you can receive an e-mail notification with up to 8 alarm snapshots.

    Push Notification

    Be alerted the second an alarm was triggered

    E-mail Alert

    Receive alarm snapshots to document the event

    Acoustic Signal

    Let your camera emit an alarm signal

    Alarm Server

    Built-in Loudspeaker

  • PTZ & Preset Positions

    Use the Alarm Position to have your camera move to a configurable preset position when an alarm is triggered. This can be combined with the option to connect an external sensor – like the IN-Motion 500 – or the internal Audio Alarm. Effectively, use your camera's pan&tilt function by having it monitor one direction while your external sensor covers your camera's blind spot.

Keep Your

Alarm Videos Secure

Your camera can store alarm recordings on the internal SD card, upload them to a private FTP(S) Server or, optionally, use the INSTAR Cloud service to keep those files secure. Every alarm event can trigger a short alarm recording that will be automatically be transferred into your INSTAR Cloud account – secure, on German servers and only accessible by you!

Start a Free Trial

SD Card

max. up to 128GB

FTP Upload

Large capacity


Auto upload to cloud

Smart home

A Camera That Speaks “Smarthome”

Smarthome systems vary largely. But what they have in common is the language they speak. Wireless sensors connect to your smarthome gateway using standards like Zigbee, Z-Wave or EnOcean. While wired devices usually communicate via the MQTT protocol. Use your camera as a MQTT Hub in your home network, giving your smarthome 100% control over all it's functions. By providing this standard compliance you can indirectly link every sensor in your home with your camera.

See more MQTT
Smart home

Smart Living with INSTAR

All smart home systems build on a component, usually called a “gateway”. This gateway – a black box you connect to your router or a cloud platform like IFTTT – holds the logic that drives your home automation. It is also packed with interfaces that allow sensors and actors to connect and be configured according to your needs. INSTAR cameras can be added to a large variety of systems using their HTTP and MQTT interface. Everything that is connected to your gateway is also, indirectly, connected to your INSTAR camera – Amazon Alexa, Phillips Hue, Google Assistant, Cortana.

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Smart home

INSTAR Cloud Works with Amazon Alexa

INSTAR Cloud Skill – ask Alexa to play alarm videos on your Echo Spot or Echo Show. Let Alexa only show you videos where the INSTAR Cloud algorithm detected cars or humans. Activate the email notification and object recognition with a convenient voice command.

Learn more about the INSTAR Alexa Skill

Easy to install

For stand, wall and ceiling Mount, you can install it easilly. It is simple and convenient to use, not only can be placed on the desktop, bedside of the window and door, It can also be inverted on the roof, wall. You can flip screen in the camera settings.

Delivery Content




Lens Focal Tool

16GB MicroSD

Screws / Douls

Power Adaptor

LAN Cable


Gallery & Specs

Lens & Sensor
CMOS Sensor 1/3 inch Panasonic WDR
MegaPixel 2.0MP
Lens 4,3mm
Viewing Angle about 90°
Optical Zoom fixed focal length
Illumination 0.05 Lux at F2.1
Lens Mount M12xP0.5
Video Settings
Video compression H264
min. Resolution 320x240
max. Resolution 1920x1080
Framerate 25fps
Picture (turn / mirror) 180°, yes
LAN connection (RJ45) 10/100 MBit
integrated PoE No
integrated Wifi up to 150 MBit
max. recommended Wifi Distance about 8-12m
detachable Antenna Yes
Wifi Encryption WPA, WPA2
WPA / WPA2 Encryption Type TKIP, AES
Infrared Nightvision Yes
integrated Infrared LEDs 10 LEDs / 0,05Watt / 850nm
max. Night Vision Distance 8-12m
Works with 940nm LEDs Yes
Alarm I/O In/Output
integrated Infrared Cut Filter Yes
Motion Detection (software-based) Yes
Push Notification Yes
Alarm Notification by Email (with pictures) Yes
Alarm videos / pictures by FTP upload Yes
Alarm Scheduler Yes
Video Recording to SD card Yes
Snapshot Function Yes
Privacy mask Yes
Multi View (InstarVision App) Yes
integrated (free) DDNS address Yes
Third Party DDNS Providers available,,
uPnP Yes
ONVIF Protocol Onvif 2.4 - Profile S
integrated Microphone Yes
integrated Speaker Yes
Audio Input / Output no / yes
Pan & Tilt control (motor driven) 350° / 100°
max. storable Positions 8
User Management Yes
User-Groups Admin, User, Guest
Password Protection Yes
Requirements & Measurements
supported Operating Systems (OS) Windows, MacOS, Linux
supported web browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari
supported Smartphones iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry
max. working temperature -5°C to 55°C
Powersocket connection 110 - 240V
Power supply 5V / 2A
max. power consumption Watt
Bracket Mount DIN4503 / ISO1222
Weight 355 g
Measurements in cm (H / W / D) 12.4 / 11/ 11
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Everything you need to know to install your camera

Latest Firmware and WebUI Bundle

Firmware WebUI 3.1 (350)


(Read me...PLEASE)

About This Firmware

New Features in version 2.6: aa
  1. ● HTML5 video stream support for the new Edge (Chrome), Google Chrome, Mo-
  2. zilla Firefox and Safari Browser
  3. ● Video settings have been reworked
  4. ● SSL certificate has been updated for HTTPS and MQTT.
  5. ● If the integrated certificate is being used, all MQTT clients connected to this MQTT
  6. broker require the new host certificate.
  7. ● General bug fixes and improvements
Important notice for update FW, WebUI 1.4: aa

The firmware is now saving all settings before the update and restores them after the update. Please note, that therefor the update can take up to 8 minutes. Usually the update is done after 3-5 minutes. Never unplug the power during an update, stay relaxed... the camera will need a certain time to restore the old settings during the update process.

Show older changelogs: aa
What is new in version 2.5 ?
  1. ● Improved P2P functionality
  2. ● General bug fixes and improvements
What is new in version 2.4 ?
  1. ● PTZ functionalities have been reworked [IN-9010FullHD / IN-9020FullHD]
  2. ● A PTZ reset is strongly recommended! [IN-9010FullHD / IN-
  3. 9020FullHD]
  4. ● Alarm prevention during PTZ available [IN-9010FullHD / IN-9020FullHD]
  5. ● PTZ reset button can be found in the PTZ settings
  6. ● Simplified cloud integration
  7. ● From now on it is required to use your Cloud Login data (email
  8. ● address & cloud password) instead of the individual cloud camera
  9. data.
  10. ● Extended alarm server functions
  11. ● Arming and disarming the alarm via quick access button
  12. ● Changing the recording length doesn't require a reboot anymore
  13. ● General bug fixes and improvements
What is new in version 2.3 ?
  1. ● Support of custom SSL certificates for HTTPS connection with a custom
  2. DDNS address
  3. ● Simple 1-Click update method
  4. ● Offline update with traditional PKG file is optionally available
  5. ● Alarm recordings up to 60 seconds
  6. ●Initial network integration via direct WiFi connection - This feature is
  7. ●available for WiFi cameras during initial setup or after a factory reset. After
  8. ● the network integration, the camera’s hotspot will be permanently disabled.
  9. ● An issue with hidden WiFi SSIDs has been solved
  10. ● IR-CUT Filter settings available
  11. ● Weather Widget has been removed *
  12. ● Factory reset and WPS activation via SD card has been simplified **
  13. ●General bugfixes and layout changes
  14. ● * The weather service of Yahoo Weather has been discontinued in its
  15. previous form. This feature will be reintroduced to the cameras WebUI at a
  16. later point.
  17. ● ** Reset and WPS via SD card can now be triggered by a file with the text
  18. file extension .txt - For a reset, simply create an empty file in the root folder
  19. of you sd card with the name “reset” or “reset.txt” - For WPS activation the
  20. file must be named “wps” or “wps.txt”
What is new in version 2.1 (192)?
  1. ● Alarm areas can be activated at preconfigured times
  2. ● Auto deletion of SD content after predefined number of days (timed ring
  3. memory)
  4. ● SD content is sortable in the SD Viewer
  5. ● SD Preview pictures are highlighted and navigable by arrow keys
  6. ● WebUI Menu
  7. ● Night Mode/Theme for the WebUI (toggle by keypress o or enable/disable
  8. in the WebUI Menu)
  9. ● 3rd query-command for the alarm server added
  10. ● IP can now be logged during login (activate through user management)
  11. ● A problem solved that caused the RTSP stream not being accessible by
  12. ● the guest account in the rare case that the user account was deactivated
  13. ● Updated HTTPS Certificate
  14. ● Wifi transmission rate up to 150M
  15. ● Camera overlay name will be used as email alias / sender name
  16. ● Polish language support
  17. ● Graphical tweaks and fixes in the WebUI
  18. ● WPS & Reset can be triggered by the SD card (In case of a missing reset
  19. button you can create an empty file with the name “wps” or “reset” in the
  20. root folder of the sd card and insert it into the camera. Boot device to
  21. execute)
  22. ● Important security updates
  23. ● WPA2 encrypted WIFI KRACK vulnerability fixed
  24. ● WiFi and network settings can now be exempted from the factory reset
  25. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.4 (170)?
  1. ● Integration of a CGI command to manually trigger an alarm event
  2. ● ONVIF time zone changed
  3. ● Improvments on the performance
  4. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.3 (167)?
  1. ● Problem solved for IE11
  2. ● Problem solved vor layout and when sending control commands through
  3. ● Google Chrome
  4. ● A small problem solved for P2P which might cause the App to crash
  5. ● Display problem for camera name solved
  6. ● A problem solved that could cause the time stamp to show wrong for
  7. emails
  8. ● General bugfixes and layout changes
What is new in version 1.2 (160)?
  1. ● A problem with Firefox 32Bit was solved
  2. ● Email validation extended for very long domain names
  3. ● Problem solved that caused no video when opening the web interface for
  4. the first time
What is new in version 1.1 (158)?
  1. ● A problem was solved which caused the PIR sensor to constantly trigger
  2. an alarm event
  3. ● An issue with the summer and winter was solved causeing the camera to
  4. show the wrong time
  5. ● General bugfixes and layout changes

IN-8015 Full HD Tutorial Videos

Adjust the focus of you IN-8015 Full HD

Introduction of the new Full HD WebUI

INSTAR Cloud Function


Product FAQ

Are there Installation Requirements? aa

Everything you need to install the camera and add it to your local network is included inside the package. Simply connect the camera through either LAN cable or WiFi to your router. Once connected, use your smartphone or computer to configure your camera according to your needs. All INSTAR cameras can be used inside your network without any internet connection, only when accessing the camera from outside of your network, you will need a router with an internet connection – no additional mandatory fees or subscriptions are required for using INSTAR cameras.

Do I need any Plugin (such as Flash) to view the camera video stream? aa

No, all INSTAR Full HD models offers the option to display the live video as an HTML5 video stream. You do not need an additional browser plugin to view the video.

Are there any additional cost after I purchased the camera? aa

INSTAR cameras have no mandatory subscription service that would result in additional costs. INSTAR does offer optional PC software (instarvision for Windows and MacOS) and cloud storage plans (INSTAR Cloud) for upgrade needs.

What is the size and weight of this camera? aa

The camera's measurements are 12.4cm / 11cm / 11cm and its weight is 368g.

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