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    About INSTAR


    Founded 2010 in Germany, INSTAR Deutschland GmbH® (in short INSTAR) aims to offer high-end video surveillance systems and network products. With a keen and persistent spirit of pursuing high quality, smart high-end solution and earnest custom-oriented service, INSTAR has developed rapidly in just a few years and expanded the IP camera and network products sales to over 30 countries worldwide through distributions and qualified sales partners.

    As a German company and brand, INSTAR strives to provide high quality network security camera systems that are affordable for households, businesses, offices and public sectors to manage security surveillance; a surveillance that is easy to install and does not need any IT specialists.

    INSTAR offers a top-of-all customer service including phone hotline, instant chat and Email service to customers for sales inquiry, technical consultant and installation assistance for all INSTAR products, FREE OF CHARGE.

    We are proud to say that we are a real customer-oriented and quality supplier for IP cameras - we don’t just advertise ourselves “customer-oriented“, but take actions to ensure each customer’s genuine satisfaction.

    We listen, we care and we respond.

    Choose INSTAR, choose security, reliability and quality.